Daughters of Femicide 

A tenacious father searches for his daughter in a town notorious for the ongoing disappearances and killings of women and girls. Risking confrontation from state police and ignoring death threats from unknown assailants, grieving parents search for their daughters and seek justice confronting a corrupt system and building an enduring global movement to stop Femicide. Through their search, we learn about the pandemic crime known as Femicide.  And, just when we think femicide is endemic to Mexico, we learn that the United States has the highest rates of femicides in any industrialized nation. 

Carson's Mobile Home Residents Evicted

Less than two months have passed since a judge ordered the indefinite closure of Park Granada Trailer Lodge Mobile, or Park Granada located at the corner of Main and Carson Street. A three-minute drive and you will find yourself across Carson Civic Center and Park Avalon, a mobile home park in danger of closure. In recent years the City of Carson has become a hit for big shot developers. A Los Angeles County city off the 405 Freeway, the City Planning Commission has hoped to shift Carson from a manufacturing city with industrial and factory structures to a destination location. But mobile home park residents are seeing the consequences. During a time where the coronavirus pandemic has claimed 24,685 lives in Los Angeles County, landlords continue to evict tenants and homeowners in land leases. Despite a federal ban to stop the displacements, Carson mobile home parks are in jeopardy. With three parks set to close and others on the verge, residents are experiencing eviction. And residents of other mobile home parks are left wondering when they will be next.

Queer Berlin

Berlin, the self-proclaimed queer capital of the world, is known for its vibrant, accepting LGBTQ scene. In the late 1800s, Berlin became the mecca of queerness, paving the way for queer liberation and pride across Germany. Despite its history of defiance, the LGBTQ scene in Berlin was dismantled and endangered during the Nazi era. Today, queers in Berlin redefine and embrace what it means to be queer in an ever-changing city. A video glimpse into this subculture. Role: Producer, Videographer, Interviewer, and Editor.