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Fiscal, Environmental Impact Concerns at UCen Renovation Town Hall

The town hall, hosted by the UCen Governance Board, featured a panel of people behind the renovation push, including AS President Hieu Le. (Photo by Fabiola Esqueda / Staff Photographer)

Role: Staff Photographer 

Divestment Debate Stalls in Senate

Naia Al-Anbar, a fourth year anthropology major and student sponsor of a resolution to divest from Israel-supporting companies, speaks at Wednesday night's A.S. Senate meeting. (Photo by Dominick Ojeda / Staff Photographer)

Role: Contributing Reporter

Twitter Published Posts


Photographer: Fabiola Esqueda 

Campus United jumps for joy after realizing they have won another seat in AS.

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 9.51.33 PM.png

Video and Reporter: Fabiola Esqueda 

More Images on AS Election 

Photographer: Fabiola Esqueda 

Capping off an election season that revolved around social media and memes to an unprecedented degree, the Isla Vista Party won more Associated Students political positions than it ever has in the party’s three-year history, taking three executive spots and ten seats in senate.

Furthermore, the controversial “NewCen” fee initiative, which promised to renovate the university center using student fees, failed. Students turned out to vote at the highest rate since 2014, with 81.6 percent of students voting to block the renovation plan.

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