Hello there! My name is Fabiola Esqueda; I am a graduate from the University of California in Santa Barbara. I studied Sociology and obtained a Professional Journalism Certificate from UCSB. 


I worked as the video editor and producer for two years at The Line, the video team at The Bottom Line Newspaper. When in need, I shot photos for the newspaper and contributed to reporting. I also have experience working as a foreign correspondent and a news reporter for KCSB News 91.9.

Most recently, I was a fellow for Google News Initiative. I currently work for Random Lengths News, a independent newspaper covering the Los Angeles Harbor area. On my free time, I work as the producer for the documentary film Daughters of Femicide alongside some amazing women filmmakers. 


With my camera, I love to tell stories about everything and everyone. From tackling stories on sexual assault on college campuses to reporting on the thriving queer community in Berlin, or starring in satire videos, I throw myself at any opportunity to grab a camera and shoot away.


My curiosity and passion drive me to bring light to often overlooked communities. I believe in the power of storytelling and its ability to inspire changes in people's lives through information and visual art. I am excited and ready to embark on the professional world of journalism.


On my days off, I ride my bike along the sandy beaches of Southern California and take photographs of my friends. 

Fabiola Esqueda 

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