Queer Series

Jordy Alvalez unapologetically puts their favorite deep red lipstick on before a night out.


Queer Berlin: Alive and Thriving

Drag Queen Judy LaDivina stops midway in her performance during an emotional number. 


Berlin Fashion Week

The opening model walks down the runway wearing designer Christoph Rumpf during the Berlin Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020 in Berlin.


Berlin Fashion Week

Campus United jumps for joy after realizing they have won another seat in AS.


Behind the Face Masks

Packagers seal the face masks at the final stage of the production line.


Behind the Face Masks

Amelia Martinez focuses on making material evenly for the face masks. 


Climate Change Protest

Participate during the climate change protest in Bologna, Italy, over the weekend wore a gas mask. 


Climate Change Protest

Marco Pedrolli carries a sign with a skeleton in Bologna, Italy, during the climate change protest.


Refugee Protest in Berlin

A protestor marches in the streets in Berlin carring a large festive sign.


Refugee Protest in Berlin, Image posted on Instagram

The rain did not stop 8,000+ demonstrators from gathering around Hauptbahnhof station this afternoon. The protestors marched for support of refugees and Pia Klemp, who was arrested in Italy for rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. One demonstrator, Funea Cobral Semedo brought along her two children and husband to the demonstration. “We need to change our ways of thinking, our way of living, our way of being. We can’t go on exploiting others. Of course, they’re fleeing their countries,” she said.


Walk-out at UCSB

Sarah Nory participates in the protest by marching in solidarity with graduate students. 

Walk-out protest at UCSB 1-3

UCSB Protest: Inauguration Day

Students at UC Santa Barbara march down Isla Vista holding a "fight Trump" sign on Inauguration Day.